June 28, 2016:

Overall the album “Jane On Fire” explores the reality of life’s blows–lost lovers, missed opportunities, being stuck in a rut–neatly packaged into a collection of catchy harmonic hooks highlighted by the guitar-drum heaviness of classic rock, against a background of country-style lyrics and more contemporary synth/electronic c alt-popishness. Surely its a highly recommended, you must listen to it if you are a music lover." read more

Mar 10, 2017

For International Women’s Day, female fronted Canadian rock band Across The Board have released ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’ into the wild. What’s not to like? Short and to the point, coming in at under three minutes long, it’s a track full to the brim with intention. Setting the scene with a quick look back over the shoulder, the lyrics “You know you took me for a fool / It was nothing short of cruel” establish as sense of what has passed, while it’s now time to look ahead: “Don’t Drag Me Down /Stop foolin’ around.”

Musically there is a deep indie/emo vibe going on – the band happily refer to Metric and Broken Social Scene as influences. The guitars are tight and spiky, the rhythm section is strong and works hard to hold everything in its right place, while Jacqueline Auguste’s sultry vocal serves as the rudder leading the way forward for the good ship Across The Board. Political without ever being preachy, Across The Board’s ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’ serves as an excellent reminder of the ongoing issues that surround us today while we continue to seek and fight for equality.

That a band can get that message across in under three minutes with such effect is to be respected.​ read more

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"Across The Board (ATB) is the Perfect Blend of Rich Folk Rock Harmonies and Charismatic Performances from This Toronto Band of Multi-instrumentalist Troubadours and their Weekly YouTube Live Session Music Videos "Pick Up and Play".

June 22, 2016:

"Musically you can expect dynamic, lush and organic arrangements with layered keyboard sounds, swirling guitars, catchy melodies and vocal tracks in which co-producers Jacqueline Auguste and Parry Nitchos have crafted the perfect retro-futuristic feel.

Head to tail, this album doesn’t miss a beat and Across The Board’s sound transcends that of their genre-contemporaries, whom most of the time sound like melancholic crooners in an acute state of depression. Even treating serious themes of loss and missed opportunities, ATB manages to stay composed, light and sprightly allowing their sweet harmonic hooks to enchant your ears." read more


Mar 8, 2017

​"Don't Drag Me Down" is the lead single from their forthcoming concept EP Amends, which has a refreshing and retro vibe to it. Their inspirational single encompasses a message of strength and optimism, in an effort to stand up to bullies and naysayers. It instantly lures the listener in thanks to its killer electric guitar riffs, and front-woman Jacqueline Auguste's strong lead vocals, which are reminiscent of Grammy-winning country songstress LeAnn Rimes.

The Verdict: Overall, the song "Don't Drag Me Down" is a great anthem of female empowerment. It will certainly strike a chord with their fans and listeners, and it is worth more than just a passing glance. This Canadian band sure knows how to rock! The song's melodies are catchy and memorable. It earns two thumbs up. read more

Mar 10, 2017

​"We’re talking about an extremely well-oiled machine at this point and cohesive vision shared in unity between the members of Across The Board that leads them to flawless performances, stunning writing and professional execution, time & time again.  In that sense…”Don’t Drag Me Down” is another quintessential example of the band at their best…which amazingly, they seem to be at each & every time I hear something new from them.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Across The Board is a shining example of what the results look & sound-like when you put in the work & the effort – but more importantly, when you really love what you do." read more


Feb 21, 2107

Fueled by the momentum of International Women’s Day and the large groups who gathered to stand for Women’s Rights across the world, Don’t Drag Me Down is a strong pop rock record which celebrates the strength of standing up for the values, beliefs and dreams you believe in.

As a musician, mother and healthcare worker in Canada, I’m grateful for the freedom to make choices that so many women in the world simply aren’t afforded,” says Jacqueline Auguste, frontwoman and songwriter for Across The Board. read more

Linda Heldman had a chat with Jacqueline Auguste of Across The Board recently about their background, what instruments they play and so much more! The band will be showcased at CMW (2017) this year, and also will be heading to LA to accept an award!!! Find out lots about this great Canadian band now, as they are definitely someone to watch for!


Jacqueline Cassell, June 23, 2016:

"Across The Board (ATB) is a Canadian rock/ alt country band from Toronto, and creators of the Youtube cover series “Pick Up & Play”. ATB’s debut album “Jane On Fire” – released June 14, 2016 – pays homage to classic rock guitar riffs using an alt-country mix of acoustic harmonics and synthy electronics. We spoke to ATB briefly about their musical past, present, and future – as well as their debut album right here on ET!" read more

Mar 18, 2017

"Across The Board’s music defies clumsy categorizations, while you’ll be seduced by its abundant and diverse charms. ATB are no shallow, derivative band creating a pseudo identity by modeling themselves on others – they are one of those rare and inspired groups of songwriters and performers who possess both a skewed, profound outlook and a warm, open heart. With superlative, restrained musicianship and wonderful economical spaciousness about the production “Don’t Drag Me Down” is a track to keep coming back to again and again." read more

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"“Across The Board” offers the perfect blend of rich folk rock harmonies and charismatic classic rock guitar and drum soloing from this Toronto band of multi-instrumentalist troubadours. ATB is best known for their YouTube Live Session Music Videos "Pick Up and Play", and offers a first look at their original work with the rock/alt-country album "Jane On Fire".